Updated version here: https://bjurr.com/ghost-1-0-free-hosting-with-https/

I just moved this blog from a Raspberry PI to GitHub pages. I was inspired by this article. I am also using Buster but I am doing it a bit different. The repository is here.

I get HTTPS with custom domain as described in this blog post.

I put together some scripts to ease the blogging.

  • install.sh Downloads Ghost blogging platform and installs it in the current directory.
  • run.sh Starts Ghost blogging platform on localhost. So that it can be edited.
  • commit.sh Saves the blog and commits it to master. The run.sh script must be running when this script is invoked.

commit.sh will create the CNAME file required if you want to use your own domain name.

There will be 3 commits in the repo. The scripts will amend to these when changes are made. This is important to keep the repo small, it may grow very big, very fast if you don't amend.

*       (tools)  Blog maintenance
| *     (master)  Static blog content
*       Initial commit