I have been using Ghost blogging platform for a few years now and I really like it! I have previously written about how I set it up with GitHub pages and Buster. However a few important things have changed since then:

To coop with these new conditions, I made a few changes:

This means I can still use Ghost 1.x, for free, with HTTPS, with custom domain on GitHub pages!

If you want to enable comments, there is a good blog post about that here.

Checkout the repo to see exactly how it works. There is a branch, master, where the static content is committed. There is a branch, tools, where the commit.sh is placed and this this is also where the database and content gets backed up on publish. And publish is done by executing the commit.sh script.

Enjoy! This is the first post with that new setup =)

Edit 180518: GitHub now has support for HTTPS when using custom domains. So you don't need Cloudflare to get that.